The Best Cobb Salad

Recipe By : Rohan

With some of our favorite main ingredients, it’s hard to beat this quick and easy meal for lunch or whenever you’re on the go!


Prep Time


Total Time



The Best Cobb Salad


one head of iceberg lettuce, quartered

one ripe avocado, cubed

two tomatoes, sliced

one purple onion, sliced

four hard boiled eggs, sliced

six slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled or chopped

generous amount of dressing


    STEP - 1

    Hard boil the eggs. Peel them and slice them.

    STEP - 2

    While the eggs are boiling, cook the bacon strips. I like to use maple bacon, but any bacon works.

    STEP - 3

    Peel off the outer layers of the iceberg lettuce and remove the core. Quarter the lettuce and set each quarter on a plate.

    STEP - 4

    On each plate, add slices of egg, tomato, purple onion, cubes of avocado, and crumble the cooked bacon on top.

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